Pot plants

We deal with the full range
of Italian production

The planned annual supply

The planned annual supply

on a careful selection of producers
ensures continuous availability
and high quality plants.

Our storage greenhouse

Equipped with atmospheric conditioning
and irrigation with flow and computerized backflow
guarantees perfect maintenance of the plants
in case of possible storage

Labeling and packaging

On request,
we carry personalized labeling and packaging services
with labels, stake labels, cache pots and covers

Preparation for transport

Experience allows us to apply
the best handling solutions to the preparation of trolleys
to meet the needs of distribution
and at the same time optimize costs

Quality controls

All order evasion phases
are subject to multiple controls
that differentiate the company's
highest quality and reliability

A century of experience!

The strength of our company is that we are able to satisfy every market demand.

We boast an assortment of potted plants covering the entire range of Italian production.

The offer includes the aromatic plants and marguerites, typical of the "Piana d'Albenga", nursery plants from Tuscany, citrus from Sicily, cactus plants and succulent, and other varieties of the Mediterranean area.

We at Della Valle provide our customers with the highest standards of efficiency, quality excellence and constant product availability.
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Foto: Mario Rossello