Cut flowers, green and foliage

Traditionally we export
freshness, colors, and perfumes.

The supply

The supply

Every morning
we go to "Sanremo Flower Market"
and select the first choice
of cut flowers, green and foliage

Storage in refrigerated cells

The warehouse has refrigerated cells
with different temperature,
ventilation and humidity percentages
to ensure maximum freshness of each flower

Selection and processing

The flowers are selected,
carefully prepared
and uniformed
in length and size

Preparation of bouquets

According to the customer's requests,
we prepare mixed bunches or single variety,
with different types
of packaging and labeling

Ornamental fronds and foliage

We take the whole range
of fresh or dried ornamental fronds
with or without berries.
On request, we make artificial colorings.

Quality control

All processing steps
are subject to multiple controls
that differentiate the company's
highest quality and reliability

Preparation for transport

Cut flowers are loaded
on trolley or pallets,
in buckets with water,
in Prokona and in Aquapak.

Cut flowers as freshly picked

The products we sell represent the total Italian production, with daily supply from selected producers.

An entire sector works to ensure that the product quality meets customer requirements and maintains its features during processing and transportation, always in controlled temperature environments.

We guarantee our customers the highest quality of excellence, maximum work efficiency and continuous availability of the product.
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Foto: Mario Rossello